Next.js gives you the best developer experience with all the features you need for production: hybrid static & server rendering, TypeScript support, smart bundling, route pre-fetching, etc. No config is necessary.

Ethereum is a technology that lets you send cryptocurrency to anyone, but in the first place, It also powers applications that everyone can use and no one can takedown. It's the world's programmable blockchain.

Solidity is an object-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. Smart contracts are programs that govern the behavior of accounts within the Ethereum state.

Pinata is a pinning service that allows users to host files on the IPFS network. The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system.

What is this course covering?

The course covers everything you need for a decentralized NFT application according to the ERC721 standard. Students of this course will learn about NFTs by creating a real-world application.

Students will learn what ERC721 smart contract is and how to create one.

The frontend for dApps covered in the course is created with React JS library and Next JS framework. CSS and design are built with the Tailwind framework.

NFT Marketplace Application:

This central part of the course covers the creation of an interactive NFT marketplace. Clients of this platform will be able to purchase NFTs with Ether digital currency.

The application is created in the Next JS framework, built on top of the React JS.

The first part of the course covers the setup of the pages layouts, creation of the first pages, and components. The Tailwind CSS framework covers the styling part of the application.

Students will explore how to provide Web3 JS code into the application, code responsible for communication with a crypto wallet and, therefore, with the blockchain.

We will use the Provider/Consumer concept to provide this layer, which is very common in React JS. This will guarantee that all of the components and pages will be able to access functionalities responsible for communication to the blockchain.

The application's state and data management are handled through the SWR(stale while revalidate) library. This will provide a reactive feel to the application and a reactive rendering of components upon receiving new data.

After all, necessary communication with blockchain is achieved, the students will start to work on smart contract implementation.

The course follows the recognized ERC721 token standard.

The smart contract is an essential part of the project. It serves as the blockchain "storage" of NFTs and provides functionality to verify ownership of an NFT and linkage to the media storage.

The last part of the course covers preparing and storing data related to NFT. So-called NFT Metadata.

NFT metadata data will be stored on Pinata (IPFS) based storage. Students will learn to gather data from the form and later submit them to the Pinata storage. The following important part is to link this metadata and create an NFT.

The most mentionable topics covered in this application are:

  • Next js Integration with Web3 and Blockchain

  • Reactivity with Hooks and SWR

  • Creation of NFT(ERC721) Smart Contract

  • NFT data manipulation and storage on Pinata

  • Typescript


  • Base knowledge of React JS

  • Base knowledge of Solidity

  • Familiarity with Blockchain tech

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Setting Environment

    • Init Project

    • Tailwind

    • Navbar

    • Cleanup

    • BaseLayout

  • 3

    NFT Components

  • 4

    Pages and Layouts

    • Links and create page

    • Profile Link

    • Active Link

    • Create Page Layout

    • Profile Layout

    • Paths refactor

  • 5

    Web3 Provider

  • 6

    Ganache & Truffle

    • Ganache Install

    • Base smart contract

    • ERC721

    • Truffle Console

    • Load Contract

    • Call name, symbol

  • 7

    Web3 Hooks

    • Use Account

    • Hook Types

    • Generic Types

    • Setup Hooks

    • Create web3 state

    • Use Account Abstraction

    • Recap

  • 8

    Account Hook

    • Conditional swr

    • Account data

    • Connect button

    • Connect Type Definition

    • Handle accounts changed

    • Mutate account

    • Is loading and validating

    • Handle error when no wallet

    • Walletbar

    • Wallet conditionals

  • 9

    Network Hook

    • Use Network

    • Network Name

    • Network label

    • Target network

    • Handle Network Loading

    • Reload on network change

    • Handle Wallet Lock Out

    • Fix Loading and undefined Ethereum

  • 10

    Mint Token - Smart Contract

    • Mint Token

    • AI Mint Token

    • Prepare test

    • Mint token test

    • TokenURI test

    • Check if token uri exists

    • Duplicate URI Test

    • Create NFT item

    • Get NFT Item

    • NFT item test

    • Listing price

  • 11

    Buy NFT

    • Buy NFT

    • Buy NFT test

  • 12

    Add Token to All Enumeration

    • Add token to all enumeration

    • AI Add token to all enumerations

    • Test token transfers

    • Get all nfts on sale

    • AI get all nfts on sale

    • Test get all listed nfts

  • 13

    Add token to owned enumeration

    • Add token to owner enums

    • AI add token to owner enums

    • Get owned Nfts

    • Test owned Nfts

  • 14

    Remove token from owned enums

    • Remove token from owned enums

    • AI Remove token from owned enums

    • Test Remove token from owned enums

  • 15

    Remove token from all enums

    • Remove token from all enums

    • AI Remove token from all enums

    • Test Burn token

  • 16

    Place NFT on sale

    • Place nft on sale

    • Test listing of nfts

  • 17

    Use Listed Nfts

    • Use listed Nfts

    • Upload Images to Pinata

    • Mint Token in Truffle

  • 18

    Get NFT Data

    • Get Nft Data

    • Contract Type

    • Get Complete Nfts

    • Display Nfts

    • Sign Contract

  • 19

    Get Owned NFTs

    • Use owned nfts

    • Active Nft

    • Set Active Nft

  • 20

    Purchase NFT

    • Buy NFT in Hook

    • List Nft

    • UI changes active nft

    • Use Callback

  • 21

    Handle NFT Form

    • Handle part of form

    • Handle attribute change

    • Introduce Verification architecture

    • With iron session

    • Network type

    • Create message in server

    • Fix reload of the browser

  • 22

    Verify Address

    • Sign message

    • Verify form data

    • Get session back

    • Get contract server side

    • Verify Signature

  • 23

    Upload Image

    • Upload Metadata to Pinata

    • Get image bytes

    • Get signed data

    • Image upload endpoint

    • Fix image select issue

    • Upload image success

    • Store image to state

  • 24

    Create a NFT

    • Check Nft Structure

    • Get Price

    • Create a Nft

  • 25

    Last Improvements

    • Handle promises

    • Handle rest of promises

    • Display wrong network

    • Last Lecture

  • 26

    Bonus: Deployment

    • Ethereum network changes

    • Ropsten Preparation

    • Deploy to Ropsten

    • Testing app on Ropsten

    • Github Repo

    • Deploy to Vercel

    • 404 - Image upload to Pinata


Software Engineer

Filip Jerga

My name is Filip Jerga and I am an experienced software engineer and freelance developer. I have a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and several years of experience working on a wide range of technologies and projects from C++ development for ultrasound devices to modern mobile and web applications in React and Angular. Throughout my career, I have acquired advanced technical knowledge and the ability to explain programming topics clearly and in detail to a broad audience. I invite you to take my course, where I have put a lot of effort to explain web and software engineering concepts in a detailed, hands-on and understandable way.


  • How to get help when I am stuck with the course?

    Every video contains a discussion where you can create a post describing an issue. The instructor usually responds within one business day.

  • What to do when I am unhappy with the course ?

    Within 30 days of the purchase, you can ask for a full refund. No questions asked. Your happiness is our priority.

  • Do I need to watch every lecture of such a really extensive course

    Of course not! Every lecture is committed (explained in the introduction section). You can start watching at any lecture. Just download the correct version of the project attached to lecture resources.

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